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Defining the future with our abilities – Using technology to empower lives

Novasteps - Defining the Future

Knowledge is key and having systems and processes in place that streamlines your operations allows you to focus on what you do best - your core competency. This is where we at Novasteps step in and step up to help you deliver.

IT Infrastructure & Ongoing Support

We help you build or customize your IT system to suit your individual needs, building your infrastructure from ground up.

Software and Support Services

We provide customized software on a turn-key basis along with annual support contracts to best leverage your existing offerings, allowing you to focus on what you do best and letting us handle the headache of managing your soft infrastructure.  This includes but is not limited to something as trivial as a responsive website that reflects your corporate presence online to a full-blown internal integrated ERP system.

Compliance consulting and L&D

We also provide compliance consulting services to allow your organization to be in line with global IT and process security norms, prepare you for audit and provide your employees with a host of training programs to upgrade their soft skills as well as be aware of and be attuned to global norms. We can help you build your own internal L&D capability on a Turn-Key basis or provide ongoing training and support on demand, as and when required through our own external faculty.

Start-up Incubator

We are in the process of building from the ground-up, a start-up incubator that provides the right kind of support to build solutions for the emerging markets like ours. Of, by and for the people of that market, the products and solutions build will not be a cut-paste/squarepeg-into-a-round-hole from the developed economies but build ground up to cater to our very specific needs, taking into account cultural nuances as well as on-the-ground realities of such markets.


We publish select case studies of past successes from time to time taking care of course to either take permission from our client to use their case or generalizing by industry and providing key points.